At least we still have Jeremy Kyle.


Welcome to the Jungle…

Okkkkk, so I just got back from Leeds fest, and it was AWESOME :)

So it may seem like a waste of money what with food being mega-ly expensive and paying almost 200 quid to camp in a shite field for 5 days in a tent, but really, this time it was soo worth it. I saw so many people that I loved, I saw two bands that I’ll probably never see again in mmy life, split my sides laughing and just had such an awesome time with my mates. I met some amazing people, got started on by some pilled up wanker and got inspiration from a couple of things and to be honest, it topped of an awesome year.

I got home last night before 12, having only set off 40 minutes before, and I tell you, a cup of tea has not gone down quicker. I got the coke smell out of my hair, realised I stank of smoke and washed myself thoroughly and I feel fucking amazing.

Bring on university :)

Next year will be the making of me.

Next year, I would like to go to the Edinburgh Fringe. No, actually, I’d like to be part of the Edinburgh Fringe. It’d just be so fantastic. Every year I hear so much about it and never get a chance to experience any of it. So yeah, next year, you’ll see me there, wearing a funny hat and singing songs about how a cat told me the secrets of the universe and making millions.

They’ll call me Ben Lawrence, the successor to Phoebe Buffay.

I Like Turtles :)

Gondola si? Gondola Gondola?

Okkkk, so we went to Venice. I’ve been before but never like this. To go with friends made it just 50 times better than I could have ever imagined. I loved it. We sang in four wonderful churches, including St Mark’s Basilica which is just incredible. It has gold everywhere on the walls and to sing in there was just the pinnacle of everything I’ve ever done musicwise. Some of the guys even cried at the immense-ness of the place. It’s just such a shame that it all had to end.